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While the concept of retirement is changing, Whatever your plans, you will want the comfort and reassurance of knowing that you have enough money available to you; that you can choose how you spend your time and have the funds to finance it.


The defined benefits conundrum

There is considerable debate about whether you and your family have more to gain from transferring out of a defined benefit pension scheme or remaining in the scheme. Which is the most suitable option for you?

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Estate planning: Keeping it in the family

No one wants to land their loved ones with huge taxes to pay when they die. How can estate planning help?

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Don’t leave your lifetime allowance to chance

The standard lifetime allowance is currently £1,030,000. This is the amount that can be drawn from pension schemes without triggering a tax charge. If there is a chance that your scheme will reach this amount, it’s time to talk.

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Your annual allowance – might you be caught out?

Pensions remain the most tax-efficient way to save for your retirement. How can you maximise your savings whilst avoiding tax charges?

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Understanding your needs

At Succession Wealth, our wealth planners will work with you to understand your requirements, both now and for your future.

They will create for you your Succession wealth plan which will clarify your current financial position and clearly set out the actions required for you to achieve your financial goals. Your wealth planner will provide you with a visual representation of the financial future you could look forward to by following our expert recommendations.

Your Succession wealth plan will be a living document that evolves with you. Your wealth planner will monitor your plan and adjust it in accordance with shifting market conditions and changes to your own circumstances to ensure you remain on track to achieve the retirement you really want.

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Whatever your plans, you’ll want the comfort of having enough money available so you can choose how you spend your time.

Paul Campion
Wealth Planner